Drum Circle in Israel "The Desert Drummers" Israeli ethnic band for events

Are you looking for a special authentic event

.Welcome to the site of the Desert Drummer Band

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!we are both Drum Circle and Ethnic Band one of the Most Serious in Israel

We create our music with love and inspiration from the desert

 .The place where the band members live

.Our specialty is a combination of very high-quality concerts and drumming workshops

IIn the last two decades

 we have done hundreds, maybe thousands of events with drum circles

as well as 

bar mitzvah events at the Kotel

if you are planning a bar mitzvah in Jerusalem

 we recommend reading this article: Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel 

or this article drumming at the Kotel

We have performed at major festivals in Israel 

hosted on TV shows and performed in many places 

including: Circle of Drummers for Children, Nursing Homes for the Elderly, and we have experience with Drummers Circle for Special Needs

Desert Drummers leads the genre of Circles Drummers in Israel

and today the band also has a next generation of Talented young players

who add a lot of color to the band

For us every event is are-excitement
 !Because we love what we do

Drum Circle in Israel

The band is a band of drummers, a drum circle, an instrumental ensemble,

and a creative group. It is the flagship of Israeli drummers.

 Our aim is to spread the spirit of drumming

but also to bring the music of the desert to your private celebrations and events

 Our band spearheads the exposure of this genre to Israel

reinventing itself continuously, enabling you to enjoy the ethnic experience of the spirit of the desert

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