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Humble Beginnings

:The Desert Drummers is a musical ensemble, drum circle, different and unique in the musical landscape.
The name “Desert Drummers” emerged from the geographical location where the group originated and operates

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 the desert of Beer Sheva. The group was put togther by “Master” Dudi Bar-Yosef.


“The idea to put together an ensemble was born on the heels of drumming parties which took place in the warm summer days in our neighborhood.” The first incarnation consisted of Dudi and three friends

Entering the Spotlight

From there, the group has metamorphized several times. At first, the band played at a few weddings, Bar- and Bat-Mitzvahs, etc. 

With time, additional drummers joined the band and a full show was developed, with various percussion instruments, dance and


.This new show was first seen in the famous Israeli “Bombamella” Festivaal. The short performance electrified the audience. 

The energies that flowed from the audience to the stage excited the players

After Bombamella, the band members began working on a bigger, more complex show. 

Additional songs, drum solos, musical motifs and dancing were integrated, and the show was named: “Barefoot in the Villa.”

Soon enough, the show gained momentum, and as a result of the band's success, the band members made television and radio

 appearances in Israel's most popular shows.

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Variegated Venues

The Desert Drummers

function in a variety of venues:
A. Private events, including weddings, Hina, Bar- and Bat-Mitzvahs, Brit-Milahs, birthday, bar mizva at the westrn wall parties, etc. The integration of the band into the event ignites the audience to ecstasy.

B. Percussion study in a variety of workshops given at universities, schools and clubs, for all ages.

C. Stage performances, with an exciting combination of percussion, song and dance.

The band members are currently working on their maiden album which will include fifteen musical compositions and songs. Most of the selections “break” the conservative musical conventions, as they feature drums and percussions instruments exclusively, a form without peer in Israel or in the world, marking a new musical milestone

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