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Performance “People”

“Seven men and 1 women together,

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infect the audience with their beat. A musical cocktail of Funk, Samba, African music, and the desert.

Throughout the years the band has performed all over Israel and started a number of fires

. The audience got burned by the rhythm that flows from the stage directly into the blood of the beholder” (Jediot Aharonot, Rosh Hashana Supplement).
Our performance is an interesting combination of percussions, string instruments,

and drummers from all over the world. On the stage, they have huge Don Don drums from South-West Africa together with two of Dudi’s

Cuban Congass instruments. Between them we see exotic drum instruments and Elad’s special string instruments, which give depth and atmosphere to each musical piece. Parts of the pieces are based on traditional world music interwoven with contemporary arrangements, combining different styles.

We open a performance with a relaxed Caribbean beat and heat up into African ecstasy. With all that we do not forget the south,

whence many of the special instruments came, for example the Pantam (as seen on Arutz 2), a melodic instrument based on the still drum from Trinidad.

“The uniqueness of the Pantam is in the sound which resembles that of a harp. It is made from metal that is forged on Makemet Higaz(?), doubtlessly one of the most special instruments that one can see.

One of the most popular pieces that we arranged for the Pantam is the sound track for the movie “Pulp Fiction”.

Let us end this article with another quote: “The Desert Drummers are musicians who know to find the connection between African culture and Brazilian and Israeli tradition as one.

They create an old-new musical language pleasant to children and adults, a bridge between generations.

“Around the deserts of the globe”

Learning Experience, suitable for schools and community nightsThe performance “Around the deserts of the globe” is a musical journey through the distant parts of the world, different colorful and addictive cultures.

The journey leads through the hidden depths of the Atlas desert and the Moroccan Sahara, the exotic sights of West Africa, the high hills of the colorful Balkan.

We accompany the music with explanations and commentary on the ancient tribes and chiefs of those areas. 

The performance is full of interactivity, beauty, and energy and features old and new compositions.

We reveal before you the all the extraordinary instruments, Od , Sas , Don Don , Gu Gu chimes and more.

Dudi Bar Yosef: Percussion, Degemba
Elad Gabbai: Od, Baglema, Sas
Shay Fermond: Don Don
Moshe Dali: Bass guitar

Show “Incursion”

This show features electronic music combined with the line-up of instruments used by “The Desert Drummers”.

This show is the fruit of our arrangement and production, granted to be a special effect for every event.

This show has been very successful in clubs that matter. The audience gets carried away swiftly by the energy that flows from the stage.

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